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Free Meditation Gathering

*Dates & Times May be subject to change to accommodate demand*

Join our gathering

This is group of up to 9 people (first to come & sign up weekly)
The meditation will last anywhere from 20-30mins.
A handout will be given each session consisting of the basic instructions & techniques we will be using during our time. Come & connect with likeminded individuals. With the opportunity to create some friendly bonds that support each other on growing through our spiritual journeys.
As of now the group gatherings will be 2x a week. Wednesday @ 1pm & Friday @ 5. Yoga Mats & Meditation Pillows will be provided.
Be sure to come and try it out, we will be using special steps that make this mediation easy for beginners & advanced devotees alike to come in to contact with the stillness within.

If you have an questions please feel free to reach out to us.

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