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About Us



I first experienced the power of massage through a personal injury. It was then I realized that I would need, not want, a massage often to upkeep and maintain the rough wear and tear I put on my body daily. I find that everything is better after giving and receiving a massage!  I entered into the Massage Therapy and Bodywork field not only because of the incredible results I yielded from it, but because I found my passion is in sharing wellness with others. I also found that with every new thing I learned about the body, I was fascinated and wanted to learn even more about it! I will be a student for life, especially when it comes to health, wellness, and the human body. Massage is a gift that keeps on giving! Health is the pinnacle of wealth, & this can not be overstated. There are so many possible routes to take for health, and massage should be incorporated into your daily life on your path to health. Along with massage, I am incredibly passionate about the other routes of health: nutrition, exercise, mental health, and sleep. Everyday is a wonderful day to start your journey to wellness. Come on in to start your path to what a Grand Rising Wellness looks like for you. At the very least, I know massage will look good on you!

Anna was introduced into Massage Therapy after an injury. Being Injury-prone & also putting a lot of miles on her body Anna was grateful to have known a stellar Massage Therapist. Anna was known to massage her feet daily while hiking & on occasion to give others massages too. She didn't realize her passion for massage until Tyler so wisely pointed it out as she massaged him. Her first reaction was to disagree. Ultimately, she realized her passion is to aid others in their journey to what peak performance looks like to them. She has completed 740 hours of training, & is licensed as a Massage Therapist. Anna will be a student for life & can't wait to further her knowledge in many different modalities of Bodywork



My deepest passion has always been the health & well being of my fellow humans. From the time I was young, I knew the powerful effects massage can bring. Everyone will eventually and sometimes often, experiences the effects of stress, poor posture, faulty body mechanics, injury, sitting too long & much more in the body on a daily basis. This is why I became a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), so I can help people find the solution to the tornado life spins towards us. Using my hands, heart, and deep rooted intention, I help my clients relax and bring them back to a world where life is manageable. If you're looking for a break from reality and would like to begin appreciating the little things again instead of being chronically frazzled, I can help. After almost having to give up sports due to shin splints. Massage saved me! Discovering the potent effects massage has on injuries, this propelled me to fall in love with massage, causing me to take the steps towards becoming an LMT. Helping people get back to their normal life is so exciting to me! This is why I fell in love with injury treatment. I want to help you get rid of that nagging pain so you can enjoy life pain free! Come book a treatment massage with me so we can get to the bottom of this tissue - (; ! Fair warning, it may hurt during the process (if you are looking for deep work) but the calm does comes after the storm, or you know, the session.

Tyler is always aspiring to learn effective ways to help facilitate healing in people. Longing to be so much more than a LMT, Tyler also aids others in their journey to a healthier life. 

License # 26733 - LMT, CMLDT, HLC 2

License #26794 - LMT, CMLDT, HLC I

Anna &  Tyler met while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail - a trail that spans from the Mexican Border to the Canadian Border, 2,650 miles. Sparks flew & so did their feet. After completing trail they trained and graduated at Sage School of Massage & Esthetics. Now licensed in Massage, they have opened up a Private Massage & Bodywork Practice in Silverton, Oregon. After opening their practice they have continued on with their education becoming certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, & Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.

~ Grand Rising Wellness. 

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