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The Most Common Client Complaints & How You Hold The Power!!

The number one complaint that a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) gets is either TOO MUCH PRESSURE OR TOO LITTLE PRESSURE! This is a very easy fix! We therapists can sure feel a whole lot, but we can't feel it all & we surely can't read your mind. So, please SPEAK UP! It's as simple as " A little less/more please." This leads even more though, when having treatment work done sometimes we'll think we're right on the spot but you can feel that we're just a little to the left & down. Tell us that too! We enjoy having the communication line open to ensure the best results for you.

The second-largest complaint is "SHE TALKED THE WHOLE TIME!". At Grind Rising Wellness we allow you to lead the conversation although advised for the most relaxing/centering massage it is wise to hold off on the conversation, & if it happens to be that the therapist is too chatty, simply state a variation such as, "I'm going to relax now, I may fall asleep, I'm going to center myself now". It doesn't offend us if you don't want to talk, this is time you paid for yourself, take advantage of it! Not to confuse a relaxing massage with result-oriented work though! During result orient work AKA treatment work, then communication is needed to ensure best results but does not require constant conversation.

The third-largest complaint is massage time is too short. To ensure that you get the full time you paid for, then arriving 10 -15 minutes early is recommended. Not to mention a good buffer in case traffic is heavy, or if you get lost! First-time clients will have a small greeting which will take up to ten minutes, showing up early can lead to full time. All other times it depends on you! If you show up late, your time dwindles, and a phone call or text would be the proper etiquette, and greatly appreciated. When you show up, to the end of your allotted time will be the length of your massage.

The point of all of this is Communication is Key! We greatly encourage you to communicate your experience, so that we can continually customize our work to benefit you the most!

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