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Gina Rodondi


My Story

Yoga is my rock in this life—forever bringing me back into contact with the intelligence of my body rooted in softness, nurturing my nervous system and releasing my mind from confusion, worry and doubt. When I met my main teacher Jean Mazzei in 2008, my strong physical yoga practice (mainly used for exercise and dance conditioning) was transformed by an unexpected embrace of yoga’s subtleties—pranayama (better known these days as breathwork), mudra, kriya, mantra, philosophy and meditation.

After completing my 200 and 500-hour level teaching certifications with Jean in the San Francisco Bay Area and Baja, Mexico,

life delivered me to the humble beginnings of my teaching career in Portland, Oregon in 2012.


From 2014-2020, I witnessed my teaching career expand rapidly, and was privileged to:

• co-facilitate women's yoga retreats on Oahu, Hawaii 

• co-found a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program in Bali

• co-lead 6 200-hour Yoga teacher Trainings in Bali—teaching Yin Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Subtle Energetics + Mantra

• guest teach Yoga Philosophy 

• guest teach Yoga Philosophy and Mantra in Om Yoga School’s 200-hour teacher training in Yunguilla, Ecuador

• lead various private + public kirtans & workshops

During the pandemic, teaching took a backseat and I went headlong into studying again. I fell in love with the teachings of yoga + the somatic experience through Suniti Dernovsek, and continue to receive the nourishment of being called back into fluid, intelligent movement and self-inquiry. Most recently I’ve been absorbing the teachings + nurturing frequencies of Alana Mitnick and Emmie Rae, who have reminded me to soften my edges and drop into the earth via deep rest practices.


In this iteration of my teaching, I'm interested in guiding my students into moving slower + with more intention, cultivating inner quiet as well as joy, and dropping into/trusting the support that is ever-present-- waiting for us to turn our cup upright to receive it.

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